Torino Inglese

Do you teach English in Torino?

If so, the way you find students is going to change forever this summer!

Until now, it hasn't been easy for teachers who would like to offer private lessons and increase their incomes to find private students.
For that matter, it hasn't been easy for the average person on the street to find a private teacher.

This summer, all that changes!

If you're an ESL English teacher and you already live and teach English in Torino, or anywhere else in Italy, you'll know that whilst it can be a rewarding job, it's rarely well paid. To put it bluntly, if you work for a school, you'll be earning peanuts. To earn a decent income, teachers need private students, and that's what our website is all about.

Following in the steps of our massively successful MilanoInglese websites, TorinoInglese will provide a place where independent English teachers working in and around Torino can find students who are looking for private English courses. It's that simple. Whether you want to work as a freelance teacher as well as, or instead of, working for a school, TorinoInglese will enable you to achieve your aims.

It's Free

Teacher registration is free, and will be for at least a year. Obviously, it's totally free for students to use and always will be.
For the benefit of those of you who are looking for one; there is no catch.

Launching Spring/Summer 2014

We plan to launch the website in the spring or summer of 20124, or once we have a reasonable number of teachers registered, whichever comes first.
Register now, and tell your friends.

Mothertongue English Teachers in Torino
Promoting Mothertongue English Teachers in Torino.

Like its sister websites (milanoinglese and romainglese) this website was created with the aim of promoting independent English teachers. If you are a native English teacher, living and working in or around Torino, this site was created for you.

We aim to promote independent, freelance ESL teachers who provide face to face private lessons with students in Torino and the surrounding areas.

Freelance English Teachers
Promoting Freelance English Teachers. Professionally.

Register as a teacher on TorinoInglese and get added to our English Teacher Directory listings on the main website.

Teachers have their own profile page, where visitors can see what lessons you provide, what, when and where you teach, how much you charge, and so on. If they are interested, potential students can email you directly from your profile page.

John, English teacher in Milan

I am an English teacher working in Milan and I discovered the MilanoInglese site about eighteen months ago. It has been invaluble to me since then. Not only have I been inundated by requests from students of all ages and walks of life but it has also given me the possibility to come towards the needs of each individual student (something that it was impossible to do in the past, working for schools with set methods)"John - English Teacher in Milan

Brian, English teacher in Saronno

MilanoInglese is now the only effective way for an English teacher to find private students in Milan. If you don't want to rely on working for the local Language Schools and would like to be a freelance teacher, Milano-Inglese is what you're looking for.

However, if you're looking for a job with a school, take a look at the ESL Teaching Vacancies page. which also lists teaching jobs available across Italy.Brian - English teacher and Site Co-Founder

Nieves, English teacher in Saronno

My name's Nieves and I teach English in the Saronno area, just outside Milano. There is nothing as effective as MilanoInglese at attracting private students. I have my own website but MilanoInglese provides 90% of the enquiries I receive.

If you search for any phrase containing the words 'inglese' and 'milano' on Google the MilanoInglese websites are the first sites students see. Once the Torino and Roma sites achieve the same success as Milano, they'll make a lot of teachers very happy!Nieves - English Teacher in Saronno